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‘Fanny’s Christmas Pudding’

It happens every year. The diary fills up with special things to do and all of a sudden everything else that has mattered for the past eleven months becomes background activity and thinking. Well at least I have to admit … Continue reading

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‘People Like Us!’

Recently, I was involved in a conversation with another person who used demeaning language about public housing tenants. The person in question referred to the government as ‘putting them’ in certain areas.  As the flavour of the conversation continued, I wincingly objected, only to … Continue reading

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‘Christmas Bug’

Yesterday, I went to our local shopping centre with a small shopping list of items. A couple of birthday cards, a particular book for a birthday present for a friend and envelopes. It’s November and I haven’t caught the ‘Christmas Bug’! But … Continue reading

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On a quiet Friday!

The afternoon sun was streaming through my front window, warm on my face. I heard the yelling, then the crashing sounds. I sat disoriented, listening hard before moving. A young man across the road in the back-end of a block … Continue reading

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A tear for Julia!

On Wednesday I walked the corridors of Parliament House. Just a casual tourist having a quick look around our National Capital. I walked (a little too briskly probably!) past the large portraits of our former Prime Ministers, desperately wanting to … Continue reading

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