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When times are lonely

When times feel lonely, sad and miserable, what turns around the mood and prods a person on? Is it when the empty lifeless space, and the prostrate view of the world is least enjoyed? Somehow the body rejects the waft of useless … Continue reading

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A Wee Gift To All Of You…Because.

Originally posted on THE EDITOR'S JOURNAL:
WARNING: Must NOT be played quietly! 🙂

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An act of kindness

A couple of weeks ago my friend’s Mum died at age ninety-nine. Now, no-one can deny that living for ninety-nine years wasn’t a mighty effort. Of course, for the family there was sadness but it was also a time for remembering and reminiscing. However, there … Continue reading

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Is ham meat?

A little six-year-old friend who visits my house, sometimes helps me make pizza’s. That’s what we did yesterday. She is very accomplished, has opinions on many things and has now graduated from needing to stand on a kitchen chair to being able to reach … Continue reading

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