Sometimes it takes a fellow writer to pass from this world in order to hear the story behind the person. Today, I heard a story about a wonderful woman, whom I am sorry to say, I didn’t know well enough. A fellow writer from a writer’s group I belong to, died suddenly after a very short illness.

At her funeral today, I was inspired by what I heard about her life. A story of strength, courage, intelligence, humanity and life long caring for others was uncovered. A life of action and determination to do what most of us would never hope to achieve in two lifetimes.

Work, study, family, marriage, children, divorce, writing, fostering, volunteering, knitting and a multitude of other life achievements.  She could, sing, act, write and discuss philosophy with the best of people. How is it that some people are gifted and somehow know how to use their gifts? This fellow writer was a beautiful soul but a soul that I’m sorry to say I wish I had know better , which probably means she was modest and respectful and didn’t ‘blow her own trumpet’. She did however, have good cause to do so, such is a dignified life…

I was left thinking about the journey of life. The challenges that sometimes we / I shirk and avoid. I feel a little ashamed as I reflect on these matters. How is it that some people, like the woman who’s funeral I attended to-day, could pack so much into one lifetime whilst some of us shy away from the big issues of life and waste our time being morose or uncertain? I was left wondering why some people are inspired and others not so and who inspires the inspired?

Anyway, today I was inspired. Saddened in the first instance then urged on to achieve goals, to do more for others and to have the courage to act now and not wait until tomorrow. If my fellow writer had waited to do all that she has achieved in her lifetime (and most of it was for others), we would not have heard about this journey of life fulfilment caring and joy.

Yes, today I was inspired!

Thanks Pamela.


About Heathermargaret

I'm a writer and the author of Finding Eliza, 2018. I'm currently working on my second novel.
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2 Responses to Inspiration

  1. deivamarina says:

    One could only hope to leave such a legacy of inspiration as Pamela obviously has for you and so many others I have been hearing from. I agree she was modest with her many talents and experiences and like you I wasn’t aware of the breadth of her life and reach. It is a good reminder to show up fully for life!

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