‘Finding Eliza’ book launch…


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I’m excited to let everyone know that my book ‘Finding Eliza’ is to be launched at 2pm on Sunday 22nd April 2018, at the Majorca Hall in Majorca (Central Victoria). All welcome. RSVP: heatherwhitfordroche@gmail.com

This story has been a long time coming. It’s changed as I’ve changed. The characters have developed as I’ve developed my craft as a writer. For reasons that sometimes evaded me, I have persevered with getting this story to completion and shaping it into a novel that I can now call complete. I have learnt so much about the world of writing, publishing and the demanding stages and processes that are required for a book production.

I believed that Eliza and Knill’s story should be told. Although fiction, it mirrors the psychological lives and journeys of many relinquishing mother’s and father’s, adoptees and adoptive families. Lives that were lived for decades in the shadow of a deep secret. In many ways they were forced to live with their grief and secrecy that sat just below the surface of their daily existence. There is also the hope and resilience that is sometimes the key to making sense of finding belonging and your place in the world. Hopefully, I have done justice to these issues. 











About Heathermargaret

Counsellor, writer, mother of adult sons and wife. The order of above changes regularly depending on lifes' pressing issues.
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8 Responses to ‘Finding Eliza’ book launch…

  1. Annaxue Yang says:

    Congratulations! Heather, a beautiful story, the book cover is perfect for it and I’m so excited to be attending the launch and to read the novel in its completion – a great achievement! best wishes for your further success as a writer and author – you are both!!

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  2. Great to have those details. Your passion carried you through Heather. Tried to post on wordpress. Have to look up my password, it was all so long ago.


  3. Judith Land says:

    Good for you! Those who don’t read have no advantage over those who can’t.

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  4. Maureen Riches says:

    Such a great achievement Heather. You are to be congratulated on the long hard grind, the perseverance, and the gifted story telling that has finally given birth to Finding Eliza. I hope you can now enjoy your launch and the fruits of your labour.

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