Determination and grit…

A few weeks ago my sister completed a half marathon. It’s her second in two years. She ran it over a challenging course in terrible conditions, rain and cold. The trail was difficult, slippery and murky.

Anyway, I was super impressed and admire her success. And it’s not just because she’s my sister or that she’s relatively new to running, it’s because she’s a woman in her sixties (oops, hope I don’t get into trouble for that little bit of info) and she epitomizes the role determination and grit plays in meeting goals. 

We can’t all run half marathons but most people have their sights set on completing something that’s important to them.  Producing a piece of art work, volunteering for a special cause, finishing a course or degree, painting a house or planting that unique garden, are just a few ‘want to do or complete’ dreams that come to mind. How many of us fall short of crossing the finishing line by giving up too early? I know I’m guilty.

However, in light of my sister’s mighty effort, I’ve decided to sharpen my determination and grit tools and proceed toward the finishing line with a few overdue projects! And no, I won’t publish my list just in case I run out of D & G…


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I'm a writer and the author of Finding Eliza, 2018. I'm currently working on my second novel.
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2 Responses to Determination and grit…

  1. Dianne Jacono says:

    Yes Heather, I identify with this subject.
    Sharpening those Grit and Dertimination skills, quietly following through on a personal goal, day after day, month after month has deeply personal rewards.
    You don’t do it for attention or notoriety, you do it for yourself. Plugging away, toward your own finish line, often, taking one step forward and two steps back against the winds of whatever difficulty presents itself. (For me, the harshest winds are those of self doubt)
    The reward – felt quietly, robustly – is knowing that i have been true to myself. And in the end, no one can know how real that win is, but you
    Thank you for bringng this subject into the light.

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    • Thanks for your insightful and knowing comments, Dianne. Your words are so true. You also raise a very real issue for many of us…self doubt! That little demon sometimes has the power to interfere and stop progress.


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