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The importance of friendship

My late mother comes to mind when the topic of friendship is discussed. She was one to value friends and by doing so was a very good friend to many. Mum was the eldest of nine children of whom only … Continue reading

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A familiar place and space…

Ever wonder what makes us feel familiar and attached to particular places? This issue is one that has been swimming around in my head for sometime now. In order to experience somewhere as familiar, probably requires a person to have been away from … Continue reading

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Knitting…more than just a ‘Nana’ skill…

Today I had a very grounded conversation with a good friend. We talked about knitting. My friend had come to stay overnight and as it happened she brought her knitting. Now, neither of us proclaim to be super knitters but … Continue reading

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Reminiscence – ‘Lost Maryborough’

I suspect we all reminisce in very different ways. The extent to which we think about the past is maybe dependent on our age. As we age we tend to look back as often as we project forward. Reflection and … Continue reading

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