Book launch in the little town of Majorca

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It was a beautiful day in the tiny township of Majorca. The sun shone and a sense of Autumn drifted across the small hall.

The afternoon tea tables were weighed down with scones, slices and cheese platters whilst the finger food was heating in the small kitchen. The urn bubbled in readiness for tea and coffee and the sparkling wine and mineral water was chilled for serving.

Finding Eliza stood proudly on display and stacks of books sat in anticipation of finding a new home. I was nervous, the MC was cool and collected and the launcher, stood with professional calm.

Cars began arriving and parked along the roadside, people began flowing into the historic hall. Then without warning the hall filled and the event was ready to begin. Friends, family members, friends of friends, writing colleagues and locals, all at Majorca to support the birth of a historical novel partially set in Central Victoria, Australia.

The presentations happened, the crowd was generous, books got signed and the food and drink enjoyed. Finding Eliza was finally launched. A memorable day with fabulous people.

About Heathermargaret

I'm a writer and the author of Finding Eliza, 2018. I'm currently working on my second novel.
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8 Responses to Book launch in the little town of Majorca

  1. Liz Lumsdon says:

    Congratulations, Heather! Best launch ever. Everything was perfect: the place, the people, the speeches, the weather, the food and, of course, the book. So glad to have been there! (Too early to ask about the next one?)

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  2. Jennifer says:

    You’re inspirational Heather. It was such a great day and wonderful celebration. I hope the magnitude of your achievement lingers for a long time. x

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  3. Hi Heather, I just logged in to find your launch details only to see that I missed it! I had baby sitting sorted and everything…for next weekend! I hope it went well and I will sort out a time to track down a copy soon xo


    • Oh, what a shame Melissa…just shows how busy your life is, never mind will catch up sometime soon. The launch was great. Hope your writing and studies are going well. Bookstores in Ballarat have copies of Finding Eliza.


  4. Dianne Jacono says:

    Oh Heather, I so enjoyed Finding Eliza. I couldn’t put it down, devoured it in three days.

    I loved the rich patina of early 20th century Australian life and familiar irreverant colloquialisms. I loved the descriptions of familiar places in Melbourne and central Victoria. The Australian climate, the sounds and smells – rattling and grinding trams, the shade of the liquid Amber on a hot day, the smell of gum trees, taciturn men sorting life’s troubles over a beer. The Australian sense of humour is so deftly and knowingly invoked. The larriken drunk saying “fairy dust ” was so delightfully funny and familiar.
    The descriptions of place, landscape customs in early 20th century Hong Kong and China are intriguing and poetic.
    Most of all the story is so real, so grounded and believable, it allowed me to relax and go on the poignant, joyful, triumphant ride that is “Finding Eliza”.
    Thank you for writing it.
    Di. (from Gym)


    • Hello Di, Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback. I’m so pleased you found it an experience that you related to. That in itself is indeed music to my ears. Every writer, I believe, wants to write a story that is engaging and only the reader can determine that! I really appreciate you taking time to write and send the above. Many, many thanks. Heather


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